1. Fderació Catalana d’Escacsa nd the Secretariat d’Entitats de SantsHostafrancsi la Bordeta, with the support of the Barcelona City Council.


  1. The tournament will be valid for the XX Catalan Circuit (A superior category) both in the general and the rating sections standings. All groups will be valid for International and Catalan title norms as well as for International (FIDE), and Catalan (FCE) Ratings.



  1. All players with a valid FIDE license will be able to participate.


Playing hall

  1. The tournament will be held in 79 Sants St, Barcelona (Auditori del Centre Cívic de les Cotxeres de Sants) and other halls near of this hall.


The playing hall is adapted for people with physical disabilities according to the regional regulations. It is air-conditioned.


Tournament dates

  1. Tournament will be held from August 23 to September 1, 2024 both included.


Tournament groups

  1. There are three groups (“A”, “B” and “C”):

Group A: Open to all players, regardless of their rating.
Group B: For players up-to-1949 FIDE rating.
Group C: For players up-to-1649 FIDE rating.


Players eligible for different groups are free to choose in which one they want to play. However, if you want to participate in Group A and have less than 1949 FIDE rating, you must make the requesting during the registration.

Players who haven’t stated their preference signing up to the tournament will be assigned to the most suitable group at the discretion of the organizing committee.

The event will be a 10-round tournament using the FIDE System (Dutch).


Time control

  1. The rate of play will be 90 minutes plus 30 seconds per move for the first 40 moves, followed by 30 extra minutes, with a 30 second increment per move starting from move one.


Initial ranking

  1. In all groups, players will be ranked firstly, according to their FIDE rating, then by their FCE rating, and finally by alphabetical order. Other local or national ratings will be recognized by organizing committee.It will be published on the FCE website, on the tournament website and in the game room.



  1. Rounds will be played at 16:30h, except for the last round – September 1 at 9:30h. The closing ceremony will start  September 1 at 19:30h.




General entry fee …………………………………………………………………………….. 60 €
Under 16, disabled players andover 65 …………………………………………….. 50 €
Players with more than 2400 FIDE rating with invitation …………………    FREE




General entry fee …………………………………………………………………………….. 50 €
Under 16, disabled players andover 65 …………………………………………….. 40 €




General entry fee …………………………………………………………………………….. 50 €
Under 16, disabled players andover 65 …………………………………………….. 40 €



The registration process must be completed through the REGISTRATION FORM
Both, the registration process and the payment, must be completed before 08/22/2024 at 14:00, using the online form. Registrations will not be final until they are processed by the bank.
The organization reserves the right to void a registration.
The capacity of the venue is limited. Participants will be accepted strictly by order of arrival of the registration form.


For information on conditions for qualified players, please write to:



  1. Any player who arrives at the chessboard more than one (1) hour after the start of the session shall lose the game by forfeit.



  1. A player cannot request more than three byes, except the last two rounds, when a bye will be equivalent to forfeit the tournament. Byes for a given round cannot requested after the previous round has finished. No half-points byes will be awarded.


Rating evaluation

  1. The tournament will be valid for Catalan (FCE) and Internacional (FIDE) rating.



  1. Non-justified absence from the first round will result in the expulsion from the tournament, as well as non-justified absence during two rounds. Any player unable to play a round shall notify the arbiters during the previous round.


Expelled and forfeit players will lose all their rights, including possible prizes.


Tie-break systems

Once the last round is finished, the provisional standings will be published with the application of the General Tie-breaks. In the event of a tie in the top eight (8) positions in the provisional general standings of Group A, then Match-play tie-breaks will follow.

In the event of a tie in the first place of group B and C, tiebreakers will also have to be made using the same system.



  1. Match-play Tie-breaks

The players tied on the top 8 will play a knock-out playoff consisting of:

Two (2) blitz games: 5 minutes + 3 seconds per move (5’ + 3”), alternating colors.

If the tie persists:

       -Armageddon: New drawing of colors and one (1) blitz game with 6 minutes for the player with the white pieces and 5 for the player with the black. After the 60th move, both players shall receive an increment of 3 seconds for each move from move 61. If drawn, the player with the black pieces shall be declared the winner.


Disabled players may choose between taking part in the Match-play Tie-breaks or settling for the prize they would receive according to the provisional standings.

Match-play games will start at 17:00h on Sunday September 1.


  1. General Tie-breaks:

For the age categories and rating section prizes, as well as the Match-play ranking, the following tie-break systems will be used:

– Median Buchholz 1 [using FIDE Virtual Opponent]
– Buchholz [using FIDE Virtual Opponent]
– Greater number of wins
– Greater number of games played with the black pieces
– Average rating of opponents discarding the top and bottom [with adjustment]


  1. Teams Tie-breaks:

If two clubs end in a tie when adding the rankings of their four best players, the tie-breaker system will be as follows:

– Adding the points (not the rankings) of all players in each team. The team with higher scores wins.
– If the tie remains, the club that has the player who has higher scores wins.
– If the tiebreak continues, the club with the second player with the higher scores wins. Afterwards the third one and finally the fourth.
– If the tie persists, the same system of tie-breaking will be used in the previous round, and so on.


In case of a tie between three or more clubs, the tie would be broken between two clubs first. The winner will compete with the rest until only one club is left.



  1. The management of the tournament will be joint, formed by Mr. Àlex Sulleva Baiget and Mr. David Ayza León.


Appeals Committee

  1. This Committee will consist of the Tournament Director, or its delegate, and titled players of legal age, in addition to two reserve players.

Appeals against the Chief Arbiter’s decisions shall be submittedin writing to the Appeals Committee no later than 30 minutes after the end of the incident.The Appeals Comitee’s decisions will be final and unappealable.

COMPLAINT FORMT will be available to all players




  1. Chash prizes. The total prize pool is 20,020 €. They will awarded based on the final standing.

Cash prizes won’t be split. No player will receive more than one prize, unless it is an age category prize, which will be compatible with a general or rating section prize. Players are only eligible for the age category prize corresponding to their year of birth.

Players will be assigned to rating sections following the regulations of the Catalan Circuit regarding rating sections.

FIDE ratings will be used for the final standings. If a player doesn’t have one, Catalan rating shall be used, or FEDA ratings for players of other national territorial federations without a FIDE rating. Non-FCE players without a valid FIDE rating or without FEDA rating will not score for the rating sections.


Players can only win the prizes established for the group they have decided to play in.


Participants who forfeit the last round will lose all their rights.


  1. List of prizes


Group A




Group B


Group C



Prizes are subject to tax withholding according to Spanish law in force. All prices, except the top-2 classified in Group A, will be paid in cash after the closing ceremony.

Cash prizes will be paid by bank transfer and are subject to the corresponding tax withholding reflected in the Personal Income Tax law. To make the payment, you will need to provide a copy of the DNI/NIE or passport, and the bank account number where the deposit will be made. In the case of minors, a copy of the ID card of their legal representative and their signature will be required.

Cash prizes are valid for 3 months.




– Trophy for the best sub-14 (years 2009 and later)

– Trophy for the best sub-16 (years 2007 and 2008)

– Trophy for the best veteran + 60 years born in 1963 and earlier without IM or GM international title.



– Trophy for the best sub-14 (years 2009 and later)

– Trophy for the best sub-16 (years 2007 and 2008)

– Trofeu per als millor veterà + 60 years born in 1963 and earlier



– Trophy for the best sub-10 (nascuts 2013 and later)

– Trophy for the best sub-12 (years 2011-2012)

– Trophy for the best veteran + 60 years born in 1963 and earlier


 Other prices and trophies (individual)

      – Trophy for the top-3 players on each group.
      – Trophy for the 1st player on each rating section in group A and B.

  1. Other prices and trophies (teams championship)


-Trophy for the top-2 clubs.

Only clubs with 4 or more players participating the tournament, regardless the groups/s where they play, are allowed to compete for this price. The Team Score will be obtained by summing up the classification of the best 4 players of each team.


The team score is the weighted sum of the places in the final standings of any group of the four best scores of players belonging to the same club. The team with the lowest sum is the winner.

      -GROUP A: scores the classification directly. For instance, the 5th classified player sums 5 points.


      -GRUPS B and C: the classification scores are multiplied by two. For example, the 5th classified player in group B or C will add 10 points to its team (5 x 2).


The two clubs with less points win the award.



Mobile Phones

According to the FIDE Laws of Chess during play, a player is forbidden to have a mobile phone and/or other electronic means of communication in the playing venue. If it is evident that a player brought or uses such a device connected while he/she is playing, he/she shall lose the game. If an electronic device produces any sound, the arbiter may apply a penalty to the owner in a range from a warning to a loss of the game, according the circumstances (e.g. recidivism).



  1. The use of notes, sources of information, advice, mobile phones, media and / or analysis by the players is strictly forbidden during the game round. Using another chess set is also forbidden. The organizer will communicate these facts to FIDE.


A FIDE complaint form will be available for the players.


According to the FIDE Anti-Cheating Guidelines, tournaments that offer title norms will require increased levels of protection. In compliance with the guidelines this tournament will be screened by the FIDE Internet-based Game Screening Tool; specifically we will send: (a) all Internet broadcasted games, (b) all other games published online by the organization, (c) all norm- related tournament games and (d) a percentage of games randomly selected from all four groups.



  1. Players will act and behave correctly, both inside and outside the facility, without dishonouring the game of chess.



  1. La The Catalan Chess Federation (FCE) wants to advertise the event, both in the press and on social networks. Therefore, they will publish photos and video images, as well as the necessary data for classifications and pairings.


By signing up to the event, players authorize the Federation to publish images of the tournament in which they may appear in for advertising purposes.


Permission is also given to other companies that collaborate with the event to post photos, videos and minimal data.


Final regulations

  1. Any situation not covered by the present regulations will be governed by the FIDE rating regulations, FIDE Tournament rules and the General Regulations of the Catalan Chess Federation (FCE).


The hygienic measures described in the Catalan Chess Federation and Cotxeres de Sants Health protocols must be observed at all times.


  1. In case of discrepancy between translations, the Catalan version of the current rules will take precedence.


  1. Participation in the tournament implies full acceptance of these rules.



ANNEX: Tie-breaks System definitions


  1. Buchholz: Sum of the scores of each of the opponents of a player.


  1. Median Buchholz 1: Sum of the scores of each of the opponents of a player, discarding the highest and the lowest scores of the opponents.


  1. The greater number of wins: Sum of the won games (unplayed games shall not be counted)


  1. The greater number of games with black: The greater number of games played with the black pieces (unplayed games shall be counted as played with the white pieces).


  1. Average Rating of Opponents discarding the top and bottom:is the sum of the ratings of the opponents of a player (FIDE ELO), divided by the number of games played, discarding the best rated and the least rated players. If an opponent does not have a rating, the rating of the least rated player in its group will be used.



ANNEX: FIDE Virtual Opponent


For tie-break purposes the virtual opponent will be used as a FIDE adjustment [C.05.F Handling Unplayed Games for Calculation of Buchholz – FIDE Handbook]. It is calculated as follows:

For tie-break purposes a player who has no opponent will be considered as having played against a virtual opponent who has the same number of points at the beginning of the round and who draws in all the following rounds. For the round itself the result by forfeit will be considered as a normal result.

All unplayed games in which players are indirectly involved (results by forfeit of opponents) are considered to have been drawn.



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