Prizes 2024


Chas prizes. The total prize pool is 20,020 €. They will awarded based on the final standing.

Cash prizes won’t be split. No player will receive more than one prize, unless it is an age category prize, which will be compatible with a general or rating section prize. Players are only eligible for the age category prize corresponding to their year of birth.

Players will be assigned to rating sections following the regulations of the Catalan Circuit regarding rating sections.

FIDE ratings will be used for the final standings. If a player doesn’t have one, Catalan rating shall be used.


Players can only win the prizes established for the group they have decided to play in.


Participants who forfeit the last round will lose all their rights.



List of prizes

Group A




Group B


Group C



The prizes are subject to the current legal income tax withholding and will be paid in cash at the end of the closing ceremony, with the exception of the first two in Group A which will be paid by the F.C.E by bank transfer to the account number indicated by the winners of the prize




– Trophy for the best sub-14 (years 2010 and later)

– Trophy for the best sub-16 (years 2008 and 2009)

– Trophy for the best veteran + 60 years born in 1964 and earlier without IM or GM international title.



– Trophy for the best sub-14 (years 2010 and later)

– Trophy for the best sub-16 (years 2008 and 2009)

– Trofeu per als millor veterà + 60 years born in 1964 and earlier



– Trophy for the best sub-10 (nascuts 2014 and later)

– Trophy for the best sub-12 (years 2012-2013)

– Trophy for the best veteran + 60 years born in 1964 and earlier


Cash prizes will be paid by bank transfer and are subject to the corresponding tax withholding reflected in the Personal Income Tax law. To make the payment, you will need to provide a copy of the DNI and the bank account number where the deposit will be made. In the case of minors, a copy of the ID card of their legal representative and their signature will be required.
Cash prizes are valid for 3 months.


 Other prices and trophies (individual)

      – Trophy for the top-3 players on each group.
      – Trophy for the 1st player on each rating section in group A and B.


Other prices and trophies (teams championship)


-Trophy for the top-2 clubs.

Only clubs with 4 or more players participating the tournament, regardless the groups/s where they play, are allowed to compete for this price. The Team Score will be obtained by summing up the classification of the best 4 players of each team.


The team score is the weighted sum of the places in the final standings of any group of the four best scores of players belonging to the same club. The team with the lowest sum is the winner.

      -GROUP A: scores the classification directly. For instance, the 5th classified player sums 5 points.


      -GRUPS B and C: the classification scores are multiplied by two. For example, the 5th classified player in group B or C will add 10 points to its team (5 x 2).


The two clubs with less points win the award.



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